Adult Unit Leaders

How Our Units are Structured:

Units generally have 2 or more adult volunteer leaders. All leaders are considered co-leaders. We attempt to pair seasoned unit leaders with new unit leaders if possible.

Troop Registration:

Troop leaders who register as camp unit leaders should be aware that day camp is not troop camping. We do not guarantee that members of the same troop will be placed in the same unit at camp especially if the troop is large. Day camp is the perfect opportunity for girls to make new friends!

Unit Grade Levels:

Sugar Hollow Day Camp utilizes the council summer camp progression program. Therefore, girls are placed in units according to current grade in school as follows:

Kindergarten: Discoverer Unit

1st Grade: Brownie Unit

2nd Grade: Brownie Unit

3rd Grade: Fly Up Unit

4th Grade: Junior Unit

5th Grade: Junior Unit

6th Grade: Cadette Unit

The Junior unit contains both 4th and 5th grade girls. Occasionally we will combine 1st and 2nd grade girls into a Brownie unit depending on registration. All other grade levels will be placed in their respective units. Troop leaders who have mixed grades in their troop and are registering to lead a unit should be aware that they may not have all of their troop members in their unit. For example, a Daisy troop with Kindergarten and 1st grade girls will be split up at camp into different units based on their current grade. The Kindergarten girls will be placed in the Discoverer unit and the 1st grade girls will be placed in a Brownie unit.