The following units are now CLOSED:

Session 1: Fly Up for current 3rd grade; Junior for current 4th and 5th grade; Cadette for current 6th grade CLOSED

Session 2: Discoverer for current Kindergarten; Brownie for current 1st and 2nd grade, Fly Up for current 3rd grade; Junior for current 4th and 5th grade CLOSED. CADETTE UNIT for current 6th grade is still open!

ALL registration, Camper, CPA, CIT, Adult and Tagalong, will now occur within the GSVSC summer camp registration website. Clicking the link below will open a new window in your browser and direct you to the appropriate SHDC registration portal.

All registration inquiries should be asked of GSVSC: 540-777-5100 or

GSVSC Summer Camp Information and Registration

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