Welcome To Camp

Bug Out at Sugar Hollow Day Camp!

Come to camp and have a squirmy, wormy time! Crawl, creep, and fly as we discover the bugs and insects that help our environment survive and function. Sugar Hollow traditions will continue: we will wade in the creek, enjoy nature, tie-dye, hike, sing around the campfire, learn outdoor skills, cook over the campfire and sleep under the stars as we make new friends at camp. On-site activities may include archery for girls who have completed grades 3 through 6 and the Cadette unit may have one day of off-site activity.

Girls are grouped according to their January 2018 grade and Girl Scout level and will earn a special patch from the GSVSC summer camp progression program.

Session 1: July 9 - 13


Session 2: July 16 - 20

Contact Us: sugarhollowcamp@yahoo.com