What To Bring

Campers should bring the following items to camp everyday:

  • Your lunch with a drink in a sturdy bag; milk products are not recommended at camp. Remember, all food trash will be sent home in the lunch bag as we do not dispose of food or food wrappers at camp. You may consider sending a zip bag in the lunch box to contain uneaten food and trash.

  • A mid-morning snack

  • A water bottle with a strap, labeled with camper name

  • Old tennis shoes or water shoes for wading. (Not the shoes they are wearing; an extra pair) The shoes must be closed toed and have a back strap. Girls who do not have an extra pair of shoes for wading will not be permitted in the river.

  • A bandana

  • Raingear if necessary

Please do not bring any of these items:

  • Sockless feet

  • Bare midriffs

  • Tank tops

  • Flip-flops

  • Candy

  • Gum

  • Toys

  • Electronics and cell phones; camp is NOT responsible for damaged or lost electronic items. No cell reception or internet access is available at camp.

Overnight Gear

Pack overnight gear in a sturdy duffle bag or heavy duty XL Ziploc bag with handles. Do not put overnight gear in trash bags. Campers must be able to pack and carry their own gear. Camper's name should be visible on the outside of her bag and on all of her personal belongings.

Suggested gear includes: toiletries (including toothbrush, toothpaste and hairbrush), sleepwear, pillow, outdoor sleeping bag, small cuddly or stuffed animal, clothes for Friday, flashlight with new batteries and a jacket or sweatshirt for Thursday evening (it does get cold when the sun goes down), mess kit (see below).

Drip Bags and Mess Kits

The mess kit should contain a plate, bowl, cup and utensils. It can be a pre-assembled camping kit or an assortment of plastic or melamine items from home. No disposable plastic or paper dinnerware is allowed.

Campers are asked to bring their mess kit in a mesh bag with drawstring for hanging. An inexpensive laundry bag works great. If it does not have a drawstring, add a shoelace to the corner. Please do not send the mess kit in a plastic bag or Ziploc bag. The purpose of the mess kit and drip bag is to teach the campers proper dishwashing in a camp setting.


The camp does not provide dinnerware or utensils for campers. Campers should be prepared or be prepared to do without.

Girls who are not staying overnight should still bring a mess kit in a drip bag as they will still be eating their meal at camp before departing for home.