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Sugar Hollow Day Camp is staffed entirely by volunteers. We are always looking for adults to volunteer their time as unit leaders or other camp helpers. Enjoy nature, reminisce about your childhood camp, and spend the best week ever with your daughter. Want to join the fun? 

Adult positions are for the whole session (Monday-Friday, and include the overnight) or partial week (Monday-Wednesday or Thursday-Friday, including overnight). Positions as unit leaders and camp helpers are needed each year. All volunteers must register with GSUSA, consent to a criminal background check, and attend the SHDC staff training.


Staffing Timeline

January - Directors start recruiting staff

January-March - Staff register for camp

April-July - Staff prepare and train for camp


Two Adult Staff Position

Unit Leader

Adults co-lead a unit of approximately 12 to 24 girls at camp. About half of camp programming is organized by camp, and half is decided by the unit co-leaders. We use the outdoor progression program to help plan program. Therefore, girls are placed in units according to current grade in school as follows:

Rising 1st Grade: Discoverer Unit

Rising 2nd-3rd Grade: Brownie Unit

Rising 4th Grade: Fly Up Unit

Rising 5th-6th Grade: Junior Unit

Rising 7th Grade: Cadette Unit

Camp Helpers

Adults support a variety of specialty programs around camp. These include administrative positions, camp cook, camp nurse, archery range master. Administrative positions are filled in the fall, and other positions are filled in the winter/spring.

Administrative Team: Directors, Food & Meal Coordinator, and Health & Safety Coordinator

Camp Cook: Come to camp Wed and Thurs afternoon or evening, as well as, Friday morning to help prepare camp meal dishes

Camp Nurse: Run the camp clinic within our office and help with camp risk management procedures.

Archery Range Master: Run the archery range Mon-Friday and teach archery safety and skills for the Fly Up through Cadette units.


Adult Staff Fees

Adults: no fee

If not already, all volunteers must become Girl Scouts and pay the $32 registration fee with GSUSA.


Adult Staff Discounts

First Camper: tbd

Second Camper: tbd


Adult Staff Training Sessions

New Staff

SHDC New Staff Training: tbd

All Staff

SHDC All-Staff Training: tbd


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