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Camp History


It All Started When…

Our camp just celebrated 60 years at Camp Sugar Hollow! We love the community we live in, and we are looking forward to the next 60 years!

In 1969, our camp was born. Director Marjorie Webber and her team founded camp, helped the build our facilities, and developed the program we still hold dear to our hearts.


Way Back When

Before becoming a camp, Sugar Hollow was part of a farm. George Rex was part of the team who scouted potential properties and shared that the property still had the old farmhouse and a working well when our camp started.


1959 - A Camp is Born

Camp Sugar Hollow made its official debut. Running Creek platform tents were erected, and day camps began. The field was cleared later that year.


1960 - Patterson Hall Built

Campers carried most of the stones for the chimney from the swimming hole themselves. Camp Hall was later renamed Patterson Hall in honor of former camp director team, Gretchen and Richard Patterson.

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1961 - Running Creek Shelter Built

Running Creek was expanded to include a shelter for units and cooking.

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1962 - Rocky Top Shelter Built

Rocky Top was expanded to include a shelter for units

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1967 - Running Creek Latrines Built

The privy behind Running Creek was replaced with a latrine and bath house.


1979 - MultiPurpose Building Built

MultiPurpose was added for four-season camping, along with an adjourning apartment for camp directors.

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1987 - Sally Rex Shelter Built

It was named for the wife of George Rex for her 33 years of dedicated service to Girl Scouting.

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Sugar Hollow Day Camp Program