Frequently Asked Questions

We’re happy to answer any question you have. Here are answers to the most common questions we get.


Contact Camp

How can I talk to someone before or after camp?

The camp email is This email is checked regularly (daily close to camp and weekly during the off-season) by the Camp Directors.

How can I talk to someone during the two weeks of camp?

The camp phone is 434-823-5531. This phone is manned only during the 2 weeks of day camp.  Please note there is limited internet access at camp. Emails are answered in the evenings during the 2 weeks of camp, so calling camp is the most reliable way to reach us.

Who Can Attend

How old must a camper be to attend camp?

Girls who have completed Kindergarten - Grade 6 in the current school year may attend as campers.

Girls who have completed grade 7-12, however, can apply for Youth Staff positions.

Tag-a-long units are sometimes offered for staff who have younger children or boys. These campers must be ages 3-8 and be fully potty training. Email camp for more details about availability.

What grade do I put for my camper?

Girls are placed in units based on their rising grade level. It is the grade they will be going into at the time of camp.

ls will be provided by camp.

Unit Groups

I have two daughters in different grades but in the same troop. Can they be placed in the same unit at camp?

No. Girls are grouped by their rising grade level. This gives them the opportunity to earn the age appropriate camp progression patch.

Can our troop be placed in the same unit at camp?

Girls in the same rising grade from a single troop may be placed in the same unit. Troops sending more than 6 campers may be split into different units so as not to dominate a single unit.

Girls from a single troop of different ages will be placed in the age appropriate unit based on their rising grade level.

Can I request my camper be placed with her camper friend/sister in the same unit?

Requests may be made, and we will attempt to place the girls together in the same unit provided both campers are in the same rising grade level. If the campers are in different grades, they will be placed in different age appropriate units.


Is there an additional fee for the bus, t-shirt, archery, kayaking, and/or overnight?

No. The listed fee you pay covers everything. If you change your bus stop after June 1 there is a $25 processing fee if bus space is available.


Is there an overnight?

There is an optional overnight on the Thursday evening of camp. No transportation will be provided on Thursday evening or Friday morning, so families are responsible for transporting their campers if they are not spending the night.

Where will my camper sleep?

Rising 1st graders: MultiPurpose Building

Rising 2nd-3rd graders: Platform Tents

Rising 4th graders: Pup Tents

Rising 5th-6th graders: Bunk Cabins

Rising 7th graders: Pup Tents

I'm not sure if my daughter wants to spend the overnight at camp. Is that ok?

We do not need that information at the time of registration. You and your daughter can make that decision as late as the Wednesday before the overnight and let camp know at that time.

My daughter is not spending the night. Can she stay for the evening program?

All girls are invited to spend the night, but if your daughter prefers day camping only we encourage her to stay at camp for dinner and the campfire on Thursday night which ends about 9:00 PM.

Bus Changes

Can I sign up for bus transportation at a later date?

Our buses fill up quickly. To ensure your camper's placement on a bus, indicate your bus stop at the time of registration. Bus assignment changes after June 1 will result in a $25 processing fee if bus space is available.

If I signed up for the bus, can I pick my camper up from camp instead?

One day pickups require a note from home or a call to the camp office by 2:00.

Multiple or whole-week changes from one bus list to another (including to or from parent driver) will result in a $25 processing fee.


Volunteer staff earn camp discounts. Read more here.


Can I register after the June 1 close date?

Sorry, we cannot accept late registrations as we order buses, supplies, and camp materials at that time.

Can I register for both sessions?

Rising 1st graders may only register for one session. All other campers may register for both sessions. Keep in mind that the content in both sessions is the same.


It is very hot / It's raining. Will camp still be held?

Camp is held rain or shine, even in 90+ degree weather. We provide cool-down stations, plenty of shade, and shelter, and our camp staff works diligently to ensure our campers stay hydrated and safe.

What To Bring

What should my camper wear to camp?

She should come to camp in clothes that can get dirty. We spend all day outdoors, and we also tie-dye on Tuesday. No tank tops are permitted, and closed-toed shoes and socks are a must.

What are considered acceptable wading shoes?

Wading shoes are a separate pair of shoes the camper wears into the river. Wading shoes must be closed-toed and have a back strap. Crocs are acceptable but are not the best choice since the foot easily moves around. The river is rocky, and the rocks are typically covered in algae which make them slippery. Choose a water shoe that is snug around the foot. Girls who do not bring a separate pair of shoes for wading will not be allowed in the river. Camp shoes must stay dry to prevent blisters.

Girl Scouts

My daughter is not a Girl Scout. Can she still come to camp?

Yes, your daughter is welcomed. She will need to register as a Girl Scout when she submits her camp registration form. However, this is a separate process, and you will need to register for GSUSA separately and pay the extra $32 GSUSA registration fee in addition to the camp registration fee. We recommend doing this step before registering for camp as it will save you time.


My daughter's tie-dye came home with no instructions.

Campers bring their tie-dye creation home on Tuesday afternoon. Leave the t-shirt wrapped in newspaper and enclosed in the plastic bag for 24 hours. On Wednesday evening, rinse out the shirt in warm water until it runs clear and then launder as usual. The girls love to wear their shirt to camp on Friday.

Tax Records

Can I get a receipt for tax purposes for my employee Flexible Spending Account?

Yes; your email payment confirmation is your receipt. We make no claim or guarantee that participation in SHDC is tax deductible. If you cannot find your confirmation email please contact GSVSC at

Lost & Found

My daughter left something at camp. Is there a Lost and Found?

Lost & Found is collected daily and displayed for pickup at our closing flag ceremony. If you daughter comes home from camp without something, please email or call us so that we can let their unit leaders know and look for it.

After camp, any items found at camp that go unclaimed are brought home with the Director and can be mailed to campers at the camper’s expense. Email camp with a description of anything lost. We will check the Lost & Found, confirm with you that we have/don’t have your belongings, and let you know which size box will be required for shipping. You can then pay for shipping through out camp store, and the box will be mailed. All unclaimed items will be donated to charity 2 weeks after camp.


Does camp provide lunch and snack daily?

No; you must send lunch and a snack with your camper Monday through Wednesday. Thursday-Friday meals are provided by camp.

Does camp provide specialty food for allergies and dietary preferences?

We do our best. We receive regular requests for food specific to allergies, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan. We check camp food regularly to make sure that appropriate options are available based on registration information. Occasionally, we have to ask for family help deciding which foods are appropriate based on individual need. Some parents elect to send their own food/ingredients, and that is fine. Please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss your individual needs.