Campers bond and learn camp traditions through a variety of age-appropriate songs. Look for historic songs like Linger and Princess Pat along with modern additions like There Was a Moose and Donut Shop.

Health & Safety

Campers learn about basic camp and outdoor safety at this station, including the buddy system, leave no trace, poison ivy identification, and basic first aid.



Tie-dye is one of camp’s most popular traditions! Girls experiment with everything from classic spirals and bullseyes to more advanced lightning bolts and diamonds.


Girls built a repertoire of knots over the years that can be used both at home and outdoors. Younger girls learn overhand and square knots while older girls work their way up to hitch and sheet bend knots.


Our friends at the Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Shop come each Tuesday. They bring everything from camp trinkets to water bottles and clothing. When not at camp, they can be reached here.



Campers learn about tool safety and how to use a variety of tools: peelers, paring knives, pocketknives, bow-saws, etc.

Special Event

There is a special theme each year, and we usually have a guest visitor come and teach the girls more about the skills and knowledge used to apply the theme in the real world. Hear about this year’s theme here.


Fire Building

This is one of our more popular stations as it is educational and tasty. Campers learn about fire safety and fire building while creating edible fires using candy & snacks.

Outdoor Cooking

Each unit cooks their own lunch. Girls plan the menu, make the shopping list, and create culinary perfections using propane stoves, foil packets, cast iron, solar ovens, and more.


Our Thursday sleepover starts with a traditional campfire. Each unit presents a skit while Youth Staff entertain us with songs. Campers roast s’mores before heading to sleep.



Rising 4th - 7th graders have daily rotations on our archery range where they learn about range safety and practice on targets and obstacle courses as they develop their strength and skills.



Rising 7th graders typically leave camp for an adventure trip each year. We’ve been very fortunate to offer a popular kayaking trip the last few years. Cadettes head to a nearby lake for a day of kayaking on Tuesday.